Coffee Review

Not a lot of people don’t know, that I really love drinking coffee and tea on a daily basis, rather than buying coffee from my school, I can stop by a Chinese bakery near me that sells awesome coffee, I used to drink coffee from Dun-kin Donuts, but now I really found my place where I can go to drink coffee before my way to school. I really cant stand Starbucks’s coffee, it really doesn’t suit my taste-buds.  The better and smart convenient way is to get a coffee maker that you can use for a long period of time, there are many things to look out for if anyone is ever interested in buying a coffee maker, the type of coffee maker, capacity, user-friendly, if there are filters, quantity, how much are you willing to pay for it, counter space, and there can also be extra features to consider when in the process of buying a coffee machine based on your preferences.

English 126 Reflection

When  I  first  had this class,  I  really  had  great expectations and things I didn’t get to do as much in  English  125.  As  I  am  coming closer to  the end of  my  semester as  a  freshman, I  will  try to  keep in  mind  when we were assigned  variety of  reading  works  and  2  essays,  with one  research paper,  I  will try to  take in  the  different types in how to address  the question very  thoroughly  and finding some way to find a theme within the assignment, and get  secondary  sources from a  scholarly journal  site.

I also learned from great professors like  (Prof. Namphy and Abbott) whenever we are doing any  essay, and if we  happen to like a quote by the person of the book or  article, we have to try to give  credit  to  the  author  by  putting quotation marks whenever  we  get any quote that is not ours. I really have to admit that  I  really loved  this  class in  particular  because  even though  Prof.  Abbott, is a new  professor at  York  College, I  really like how she  tells us when she writes stories  herself, she always proof reads it and  peer  reviews with everyone  so she can learn from her mistakes, and when  I  first heard we had to  do  peer  reviews in class, I  was  at first  confused,  because I  have never done it before,  and when I  finally got used to it after a  while, I would have a  different  reaction  and  to me it was very unique  having the  privilege of  reading  other  classmates’  paper and them reading my paper, and every time  I  would try  to take  everyone’s  suggestions and comments  to improve my  paper  even  more.  There was another time where   we met in the library to help us with citations and how to have access to scholarly journals where Du Si was nice enough to take his time and help us with any confusions we may have and how to have access when offline.  

 Another reason why I really enjoyed this class is because in my first semester in English 125, I was always afraid to raise my hand because I was afraid I would say something stupid, and then in English 126, I always raised my hand and  I  really  loved  participating, and at the end I wanted to  finish  strong  by coming to class everyday, doing class  assignments, participating, and doing the three writing assignments which were apart of  the rest of  the  requirements.  When I go to  graduate York  College in the future and when I am doing my job that I will really be passionate about, I want to try to work with people, where I will try to improve in my writing more further so people don’t judge me based on how I write or how I  present myself to  them in a good manner when I  speak in front of  people.

Donald Trump’s hate for America

How can we have and elect such a president who is always saying whatever he feels like on Twitter, who is always spreads hateful comments on people, groups, and organizations,  there has been over 700 hate crimes already within the first two weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency. Society and media really needs to change its perspective by having more of an open mind and embracing differences between one person to another, in many Muslim communities like those seven countries also recall campaign promises that they wouldnt be welcome when Donald Trump gets elected as president,  so to elabarate more further in this travel ban, where they pushed through a ban before to deny visitors with passports and visa entry into the United States on basis of their home country.

My use of social media is not Presidential – it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL. Make America Great Again!

Crazy Joe Scarborough and dumb as a rock Mika are not bad people, but their low rated show is dominated by their NBC bosses. Too bad!

I am extremely pleased to see that has finally been exposed as and garbage journalism. It’s about time!

Watched low rated for first time in long time. FAKE NEWS. He called me to stop a National Enquirer article. I said no! Bad show

I heard poorly rated speaks badly of me (don’t watch anymore). Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe, came.

I am thinking about changing the name CNN to !

The FAKE & FRAUDULENT NEWS MEDIA is working hard to convince Republicans and others I should not use social media – but remember, I won..

Police Brutality

    Police work is very dangerous and sometimes they are put into situations where excessive force is needed. But it often goes to a level where there is too much force used and it seems to often target African Americans in particular. This topic should really be looked upon by police commissioners and also should be addressed to the community of New York. The job of the police should be to protect and serve the citizens of New York City and make sure the law gets put into place. The black community experiences racial profiling through excessive force from the police.    

     African Americans experience more arrests than whites. 79% of people who have been surveyed are not satisfied with the way the justice system deals with individuals. Studies have shown that police are more likely to target black males in cities with violent crime.  Race and color can be one of the factors that they specifically target. Blacks are more likely to get pulled over and be killed instead of whites.  As of 2010, blacks were the most likely racial group to be arrested by marijuana possession in United States. In 2013, statistics of New Yorkers being stopped by police showed that 56 percent of those stopped and frisked were black males. In comparison, only 11 percent were white males.

The police use excessive power when dealing with minorities. 84% of people who have been surveyed say that they have witnessed other police officers using more force than needed to make an arrest. Blacks are more likely to be stopped 80 percent of the time and arrested 69 percent of the time. According to 2012, the stats show that 87% people who are shot by police are black, while Latino make up 9%. These statistics are more than a coincidence.

Some individuals may argue that race is not involved in police brutality. Peter King, a Republican, said regarding Eric Garner: “There was no damage to the wind pipe and no damage to the neck. If he had not been obese, if he had not had diabetes, and if he didn’t have asthma, this probably wouldn’t have happened.” Eric Garner’s death was ruled as a homicide caused by compression to his neck and chest, as well as the way he was positioned on the ground by police officers. His asthma, obesity, cardiovascular disease were also factors that led to his death which made the grand jury not to indict the police officer. Those who don’t believe in police brutality such as King did not factor race into the Eric Garner death at all.

In conclusion, there is plenty of evidence that the police use too much force when dealing with black males. We should move forward by putting body camera’s on police officers so there is more transparency and less debate of what actually happened. Peaceful protests by all communities should be welcomed. There might also need to be retraining of police officers so they can be better officers who serve and protect the community. The black community currently doesn’t have a trusting relationship with the police and feel targeted many times. The police department must work together with all of its citizens to stop this misunderstanding.

Bilal’s Stand, What an inspiring movie

After viewing this film, I was reflecting on my childhood life, on the impact that my family has made on my life, they always supported me and helped me in any possible way. When I one day finish my education and pursue in the career that makes me and everyone happy, I want to really give back to my family and I am someone who would do anything for my family, and to me I feel that the idea of a family is very important in order to succeed and continue in life.

People always have to remember that what legacy do you want to leave or what you do to want people to remember you by. Even though Bilal has miscommunication and lack of trust between him and his family, I would have to say that I will have to agree with what choices he has made after his uncle passed away, the idea that what is the point in living life, if you cant have a career or job where it makes you happy. Some problems that take place during this films involves Bilal, struggling between attending college, and managing his family’s taxi business. One of the problems in this movie deals with going to the college he wants to go, but certain things happen that prevent him from going into that college, until he gets involved in the senior project with the idea of ice carving so he can get scholarships. Bilal’s role as a family member is to work in the taxi business and go to school. While the role that Bilal takes part in his school community doesn’t take place until his senior year, where he has to do decide what colleges he wants to attend in the near future, I would say that these are conflicting roles that Bilal faces throughout the movie because he keeps secrets and not telling his family important things like college applications, and instead gives in his college application, and takes up ice carving without telling anyone in his family, and that contradicts with the daughter  ask her mom at the end of the movie if she wont let Bilal do what he wants to do, then she wont let her daughter do the same. Some of the similarities I would say that I share with Bilal involves the idea around how can I give back to my family and how will I make the world a better place with my own interests and traditions.

This film will act as a lasting catalyst for both my personal growth and awareness because whenever I am involved in any decision making, I always try to consult and share with anything that I do, because I don’t ever want to end up doing something that  my family will not approve of because like I said there are many things that I  really value in life and family is the most important aspect of my life, and it is also because you may not know some thing yet that your family already knows about.  I really don’t quite agree with Bilal when he makes decisions in life without the regard and respect of his family. Everyone should always ask himself or herself why are they here for, what aspect in life do they really want to accomplish and who is it that they are ultimately doing this for and what will leave behind for people to remember them by. I will always remember that I am not living life so I can be happy, I want to try to make a everlasting impression on my family as a whole, who else will I will be working hard for if my family wasn’t there.

The key to an successful life is in my opinion, is having a good family oriented relationship, trust, communication, and always being responsible, and it doesn’t matter if you’re the youngest, oldest, or in my case the eldest child.  In general, we are all human beings sent by God to do-good things and live life to your full potential.  Whether we like it or not, god is always testing us and always sees everything that we do, and how we are impacting the world and making it a better place with our inner talents that we all share, and how we are helping the less fortunate or people in need.

A story based on family traditions and values


In Shirley Jackson’s story  “ The Lottery” the story illustrates the purpose of family traditions, how it should be important in a social community. In  “The Lottery” the elder that takes part in the village tries to maintain order and stability in order to keep traditions and values alive, even though community members try to avoid or feel disconnected from this annual ritual that has been going on for a long time. I described the elder that is known as Mr. Summers this way because he has such a great personality where he would have no wife or children because he was so passionate in what he was doing for the community and never had time for anything else. “ The lotteries were conducted as were the square dances by Mr. Summers who had time and energy to devote to civic activities.” Preserving rituals often leads to peace within the community preventing violence or from other who are being tyrant. The society in  “The Lottery” portrays a violent community. Through my analysis of The Lottery, I am trying to prove that a society should be kept harmoniously based on important traditions and values.  


Based on my own interpretation, I believe that this story by Shirley Jackson deals with plot, where many people would gather in this event, where the person who is in charge of all the  events picks  names of  people and  when it was  Tessie  Hutchinson’s family’s turn,  she would pick a  paper with  a  black  mark on it, which  would result  in  Tessie and her family in  becoming  angry  and at  the end she would  end up saying that it is just not fair and she would get stones thrown at her.  The plot that I enjoyed reading the most was the part when Mr. Summers who was in charge of the events that take place would have names of the people and see whether they were actually there, where  Tessie  Jackson would pick out a paper that would happen to have a black mark on it.

Likewise in The  Lottery  by  Shirley  Jackson, it deals with   a   society, on how they have  trouble  accepting  change or  it  takes people a while to  get used to new things. Even though Mr. Summers put his entire life into taking the responsibility  of  taking  care of the events and rituals of the entire village, his job was to run the coal business and he loved devoting and giving his time to civic activities at the  village, and a lot of the people felt sorry for him because he had no wife and children, and he has such a good personality because he is always giving his time to his duties and  the  people.  One of the character who is against the rituals that take place in the village is  Old  Man  Warner, because he thinks a lot of the people have to stop taking part because it will make them turn into a savage and cruel state, and how he doesn’t like change, and how he wants it to go back the way it used to be, and how he believes every year the people taking in the tradition are always changing it for  the  better.  If  I  were to  describe more in depth  of  Mr.  Summers  character, I  would say  that he would fall in the three archetypes called  The  Sage, The  Ruler , and  The  Innocent.  I  picked the first archetype because  I  feel  that  Mr.  Summers has the gifts of  being  optimistic, having  hope, and  simplicity.  In the category called  “The  Ruler, I feel that the thing that stands out and helps describe Mr. Summers where it says the category of  gift/ virtue has to  do  with   responsibility, control, sovereignty, savvy system.  And I picked “ The Innocent” because the gift and virtue is similar to the character of Mr. Summers, how he shows optimism, trust, hope, faith, and simplicity.  I picked these specific archetypes to show that Mr. Summer is someone who wants to keep order and stability within the community, and how he always devotes his time to the community with no regard to having his own family.

  Although traditions in  a  social  community  would  lead  as  a  result  of  chaos and violence, I  believe that in general  of  a  social  community should try to live in peace where people and certain families follow traditions that have been a certain part of their culture from generation to generations and it will lastly bring a very important impact for future age groups and peer groups.  Reading the lottery by Shirley Jackson have made get a  better understanding  of the story as a whole and it also made me think of  different people from different cultures like to follow traditions and values shared within a  family and it also made me look  at the other  perspective of people going  against  traditions.

About Me.

All my life, I  always faced some type of situation and always tried to overcome them. People always say who do you look up to and who do you want to be like? Well my answer to that question is that I want to be just like my parents. I know that there is no perfect person in the world but to me than being blessed with two hardworking parents and two awesome loving brothers

I  feel lucky and honored to be born in a family where everyone cares about one another and  I  am also very lucky to be born in a smart family where my parents went to the best schools in Bangladesh, my big brother works hard to be a successful neurosurgeon someday, and my little brother is in City College also excelling in  his studies. I  just want to thank  god for giving me the best family and I certainly do have a big responsibility and that is working hard and making my family proud of me in every step of the way. I learned never to take anything for granted and that life is short.

This made me appreciate having my family by my side even more. I feel lucky to spend every day with them. Many  experience  in my life motivated me to succeed in life and become what I always wanted to become. This is important for because this is what led me ahead in life and relates to the person I am today because of how I am as a person to family and friends.Since then I realize that whatever my parents told me are definitely true, the only way you can live a happy life is if you work hard now, and you won’t have to worry about about living a tough life.


I also want to make my father’s sacrifices ever since my mom passed away even more worth it. I don’t need any more motivation to succeed. My experiences with my family and the world around me built me into the student I am today. These moments made me stronger and more aware about what I have left to accomplish both in college and later on in my life. I will continue to use these memories as lessons and motivation to work harder to succeed in my college career. I will seek to improve my academic and communication skills going into college and being an asset to the college community.