New goals for this semester

I am really excited and so far I am really enjoying all of my classes so far, I really haven’t my job last semester as well as the semester before that, I really hope and wish to take new approaches and steps in order to excel in all of my classes this semester as well as getting a very good GPA, I am always so disappointed and upset when I cant keep my father happy and show him that I am also a hard-worker when it comes to studying like my two brothers, I really want to do everything I can which means no slacking off, not doing things especially studying for a midterm or final during the last minute, I will continue to use the support services that my school provides for me so that I can finish strong in end of the semester,  I don’t like how every semester, I don’t do very well, and my family always gets upset or that they are not happy with the way I carried myself throughout the whole semester, if my brothers can get very good grades in their classes, so can I. I really hope to finish and really graduate in 2019 so that I can see and come up the next steps for me with my family after my graduation.