Why dont I know what I want to do with my life

I  really cant seem to understand why I still don’t know what job I want to have when I am done with college and graduate school, my parents and brothers already knew from the start of what their passion and what is it that will really make them happy for the rest of their lives, but it isnt that easy for me, when I was in high school, I really loved taking law classes, and thought that was the way my life is going to be heading towards, but then in college, in my first year, I really thought my major will be in business, but then I took Microsoft Excel, and I never really understood what the professor was teaching, and economics class was really just not for me, and I never really liked math, it never occurred to me to major in Mathematics.  And then towards my sop hmore year, I took many sociology classes, and still am taking, and still cant understand how will majoring in Sociology help me in my future job. I researched what jobs are there within this major and still am doing research, hopefully something will pop out that will make me excited. I also started classes in Communication Technology, and still will continue to take it and determine which major I really love better. I hope I get to know soon before I am a senior and end up graduating from York College.


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