Police Brutality

    Police work is very dangerous and sometimes they are put into situations where excessive force is needed. But it often goes to a level where there is too much force used and it seems to often target African Americans in particular. This topic should really be looked upon by police commissioners and also should be addressed to the community of New York. The job of the police should be to protect and serve the citizens of New York City and make sure the law gets put into place. The black community experiences racial profiling through excessive force from the police.    

     African Americans experience more arrests than whites. 79% of people who have been surveyed are not satisfied with the way the justice system deals with individuals. Studies have shown that police are more likely to target black males in cities with violent crime.  Race and color can be one of the factors that they specifically target. Blacks are more likely to get pulled over and be killed instead of whites.  As of 2010, blacks were the most likely racial group to be arrested by marijuana possession in United States. In 2013, statistics of New Yorkers being stopped by police showed that 56 percent of those stopped and frisked were black males. In comparison, only 11 percent were white males.

The police use excessive power when dealing with minorities. 84% of people who have been surveyed say that they have witnessed other police officers using more force than needed to make an arrest. Blacks are more likely to be stopped 80 percent of the time and arrested 69 percent of the time. According to 2012, the stats show that 87% people who are shot by police are black, while Latino make up 9%. These statistics are more than a coincidence.

Some individuals may argue that race is not involved in police brutality. Peter King, a Republican, said regarding Eric Garner: “There was no damage to the wind pipe and no damage to the neck. If he had not been obese, if he had not had diabetes, and if he didn’t have asthma, this probably wouldn’t have happened.” Eric Garner’s death was ruled as a homicide caused by compression to his neck and chest, as well as the way he was positioned on the ground by police officers. His asthma, obesity, cardiovascular disease were also factors that led to his death which made the grand jury not to indict the police officer. Those who don’t believe in police brutality such as King did not factor race into the Eric Garner death at all.

In conclusion, there is plenty of evidence that the police use too much force when dealing with black males. We should move forward by putting body camera’s on police officers so there is more transparency and less debate of what actually happened. Peaceful protests by all communities should be welcomed. There might also need to be retraining of police officers so they can be better officers who serve and protect the community. The black community currently doesn’t have a trusting relationship with the police and feel targeted many times. The police department must work together with all of its citizens to stop this misunderstanding.

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