About Me.

All my life, I  always faced some type of situation and always tried to overcome them. People always say who do you look up to and who do you want to be like? Well my answer to that question is that I want to be just like my parents. I know that there is no perfect person in the world but to me than being blessed with two hardworking parents and two awesome loving brothers

I  feel lucky and honored to be born in a family where everyone cares about one another and  I  am also very lucky to be born in a smart family where my parents went to the best schools in Bangladesh, my big brother works hard to be a successful neurosurgeon someday, and my little brother is in City College also excelling in  his studies. I  just want to thank  god for giving me the best family and I certainly do have a big responsibility and that is working hard and making my family proud of me in every step of the way. I learned never to take anything for granted and that life is short.

This made me appreciate having my family by my side even more. I feel lucky to spend every day with them. Many  experience  in my life motivated me to succeed in life and become what I always wanted to become. This is important for because this is what led me ahead in life and relates to the person I am today because of how I am as a person to family and friends.Since then I realize that whatever my parents told me are definitely true, the only way you can live a happy life is if you work hard now, and you won’t have to worry about about living a tough life.


I also want to make my father’s sacrifices ever since my mom passed away even more worth it. I don’t need any more motivation to succeed. My experiences with my family and the world around me built me into the student I am today. These moments made me stronger and more aware about what I have left to accomplish both in college and later on in my life. I will continue to use these memories as lessons and motivation to work harder to succeed in my college career. I will seek to improve my academic and communication skills going into college and being an asset to the college community.



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