Bilal’s Stand, What an inspiring movie

After viewing this film, I was reflecting on my childhood life, on the impact that my family has made on my life, they always supported me and helped me in any possible way. When I one day finish my education and pursue in the career that makes me and everyone happy, I want to really give back to my family and I am someone who would do anything for my family, and to me I feel that the idea of a family is very important in order to succeed and continue in life.

People always have to remember that what legacy do you want to leave or what you do to want people to remember you by. Even though Bilal has miscommunication and lack of trust between him and his family, I would have to say that I will have to agree with what choices he has made after his uncle passed away, the idea that what is the point in living life, if you cant have a career or job where it makes you happy. Some problems that take place during this films involves Bilal, struggling between attending college, and managing his family’s taxi business. One of the problems in this movie deals with going to the college he wants to go, but certain things happen that prevent him from going into that college, until he gets involved in the senior project with the idea of ice carving so he can get scholarships. Bilal’s role as a family member is to work in the taxi business and go to school. While the role that Bilal takes part in his school community doesn’t take place until his senior year, where he has to do decide what colleges he wants to attend in the near future, I would say that these are conflicting roles that Bilal faces throughout the movie because he keeps secrets and not telling his family important things like college applications, and instead gives in his college application, and takes up ice carving without telling anyone in his family, and that contradicts with the daughter  ask her mom at the end of the movie if she wont let Bilal do what he wants to do, then she wont let her daughter do the same. Some of the similarities I would say that I share with Bilal involves the idea around how can I give back to my family and how will I make the world a better place with my own interests and traditions.

This film will act as a lasting catalyst for both my personal growth and awareness because whenever I am involved in any decision making, I always try to consult and share with anything that I do, because I don’t ever want to end up doing something that  my family will not approve of because like I said there are many things that I  really value in life and family is the most important aspect of my life, and it is also because you may not know some thing yet that your family already knows about.  I really don’t quite agree with Bilal when he makes decisions in life without the regard and respect of his family. Everyone should always ask himself or herself why are they here for, what aspect in life do they really want to accomplish and who is it that they are ultimately doing this for and what will leave behind for people to remember them by. I will always remember that I am not living life so I can be happy, I want to try to make a everlasting impression on my family as a whole, who else will I will be working hard for if my family wasn’t there.

The key to an successful life is in my opinion, is having a good family oriented relationship, trust, communication, and always being responsible, and it doesn’t matter if you’re the youngest, oldest, or in my case the eldest child.  In general, we are all human beings sent by God to do-good things and live life to your full potential.  Whether we like it or not, god is always testing us and always sees everything that we do, and how we are impacting the world and making it a better place with our inner talents that we all share, and how we are helping the less fortunate or people in need.

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