2017- How America Has Changed Ever Since Barack Obama’s Presidency

During the year of 2017, It never really occurred to me before that Donald Trump who has no education background is going to be the president of the United States. The day of Donald Trump’s inauguration turned into a message where now everyone can run for the president of the United States. Being born here as an American Muslim was really a great experience for the most parts, there has been a worser day for all Muslims around this world than now ever since Donald Trump made an executive order to ban Muslim refugees from 7 countries, and they as well as Muslims who hold a visa or a green card when going back to their country to visit cannot be permitted to come here. I really admire and do appreciate to everyone who protested and to all the democratic senators, NY mayor and governor in taking their time to speak against this hatred. There are other people who will be affected like women, us workers, black and latino people, it will also affect people who are under medicare with Obamacare, when Trump says he will repeal and replace Obamacare, many people who have preexisting conditions as a result are not going to live much longer, all the Republicans and people in Trump’s cabinet, many of them say they do have a replacement, but in reality they really don’t, and under this plan as Nancy Pelosi nicely said, it will only make ” “America sick again”.

I am so excited for Spring Break and my father’s birthday

I am so happy and excited that my father’s birthday is almost near, and I just wish he lives a long life, as well as my brothers. There is no one in my opinion that is like my dad, he is phenomenal, an awesome and fabulous dad. He has always taken care of me and my brothers ever since we were little, he always loved us, and I am so happy to see my dad everyday, there’s not many parents like mine, who constantly love and really would do anything for their three children. Ever since we lost our mom, my dad has done everything for us so we can be happy, and I really wanna give back by doing very well in finishing college in a positive and successful tone. Everyday I always try to see how can I be also the son that my parents are proud of, so I will keep working hard everyday to make that come true. I really wish there will be  a way where we celebrated our parents everyday  and everything they do for us. Spring Break is right around the corner, and I really am excited because I will be spending it with my family. I love doing everything with my family that anyone else would do the same or in a different way.

My reaction to healthcare failing to be repealed and replaced by Republicans

I am so happy after hearing on CNN, MSNBC, that GOP healthcare plan collapses, and Ryan & Trump pulled the  bill. Today should be awesome day for everyone and that means that 20 million Americans will not have to worry about losing their healthcare plan as well as people have or suffering from a terminal condition, because if this plan wad voted upon, many patients would mainly suffer and die of as a result. I  am happy that everyone is going to keep their healthcare plan, and I am also happy for my brother, it is a good and a bad way that people cant agree whether this plan should be passed or not.


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