About Me.

All my life, I  always faced some type of situation and always tried to overcome them. People always say who do you look up to and who do you want to be like? Well my answer to that question is that I want to be just like my parents. I know that there is no perfect person in the world but to me than being blessed with two hardworking parents and two awesome loving brothers

I  feel lucky and honored to be born in a family where everyone cares about one another and  I  am also very lucky to be born in a smart family where my parents went to the best schools in Bangladesh, my big brother works hard to be a successful neurosurgeon someday, and my little brother is in City College also excelling in  his studies. I  just want to thank  god for giving me the best family and I certainly do have a big responsibility and that is working hard and making my family proud of me in every step of the way. I learned never to take anything for granted and that life is short.

This made me appreciate having my family by my side even more. I feel lucky to spend every day with them. Many  experience  in my life motivated me to succeed in life and become what I always wanted to become. This is important for because this is what led me ahead in life and relates to the person I am today because of how I am as a person to family and friends.Since then I realize that whatever my parents told me are definitely true, the only way you can live a happy life is if you work hard now, and you won’t have to worry about about living a tough life.


I also want to make my father’s sacrifices ever since my mom passed away even more worth it. I don’t need any more motivation to succeed. My experiences with my family and the world around me built me into the student I am today. These moments made me stronger and more aware about what I have left to accomplish both in college and later on in my life. I will continue to use these memories as lessons and motivation to work harder to succeed in my college career. I will seek to improve my academic and communication skills going into college and being an asset to the college community.



My college experience in York College

    When I first got accepted to  York College by the  Seek  Program, I was happy to be a part of the SEEK family as a student with so many benefits that SEEK program has to offer that no other school has to offer the same benefits. What was ironic during the same time was that the person who is in charge of the SEEK program as a whole told me in a email after a few days that I was not accepted because my passport was expired so I had to do the whole process all over again and I even had to attend an orientation where I was supposed to write 2 required essays of why I chose to be here at York College and how will I contribute to the SEEK program as a student and to the whole school. And when I was starting my first college semester @ 8/27 and this was my first day of classes and I was a little nervous as well as everyone would be when they themselves would be starting a new beginning of their life way different from high school and slowly getting used to being a part of York College as a whole. And slowly when I began to adjust to my first year of freshman life as well as everyone else, I would go to all of my classes in which I was so thrilled because I would see so many familiar faces and friends who happened to be my classmates who were here for the same reason to do well overall and get rid of their general requirements so they could be mainly focused on their major. And when it was my second semester at York College as a freshman, I would be also be thrilled to come back and meet my new professors, and see what was expected towards the end of the semester and possibly meet new friends.

           I  personally as well as my brothers truly believe in the concept of  “ The American Dream” , or the start of a new beginning, my parents life and our life deals with this concept of a new beginning where in the beginning my grandmother would be so proud of my mom  for graduating college and so close to making her parents proud, and this is what me and my brother try to keep in mind and do as a result to make my mom and dad proud as a result of  all of our efforts to be happy in the supposedly career we are interested in the upcoming years. My focus in life has to do with Sociology  as a whole, but there are different fields  in it which I am still not quite sure which one I am really interested in. And I am still not sure whether I will transfer to a better college so this is why I am trying to work hard and ace all  my classes and having a good overall GPA. And even though through my years at  Francis  Lewis  High  School, I  feel like I didn’t do such a good job in my part  in becoming an ideal or an successful  student  and I will try to overcome this obstacle by not doing the same mistake and I  always learned something through my years as being a part of my family and I  really want to contribute to being there for my dad along with my brothers in taking care of my father in the near future by trying to work twice as hard than my brothers. I am also happy for being involved in the Human Resources club and  Entrepreneurship club,  so it can help me more with my future.

The future of New York Knicks

Yesterday as everyone heard, Phil Jackson who was the GM of New York Knicks got fired by James Dolan who is the owner of the team. This is really the first step in making the team even better and stronger as when Phil Jackson was there. Yesterday I think I heard my brothers telling me that Phil Jackson was sleeping during  a top prospect who went to another team earlier in the draft before the NY Knicks had a chance to pick at 8th pick.  Before the draft even took place, there were rumors that Kristaps Porzingis who is a very good player for the NY Knicks was going to get traded because he missed the exit meeting. This is good news for me about Phil Jackson being fired, because I am really trying to find a backup team to follow if the Cavaliers and Lebron James dont do well next year. I still do believe that Lebron James is a GOAT, than as of Kevin Durant, he is an awesome, hardworking, and someone who is good with leadership when it comes time for playing the game. As far as Carmelo Anthony is concerned, I really hope the Cavaliers figure something out in order to get him, and another big piece in order to beat the Warriors next year.

I am so excited for the New York Yankees Future

Hey sports fan, like I mentioned before, I follow and like sports like baseball, basketball, and football. I don’t know if everyone knows, that I always been a New York Yankees fan ever since Derek Jeter played for the Yankees from 1995 to 2014 when he retired. I am really happy with Derek Jeter’s hardwork and accomplishments that he made with the Yankees. Starting from when he won the Rookie of the Year Award, helping the team win the world series for the team, and still contributed to their championship from 1998-2000, had multiple career high numbers in 1999 and won both All Star MVP and World Series MVP awards in 2000. He was among the most American League leader in most hits and runs scored in most of his career and most of all served as the teams captain from 2003 to 2014. Today I wish I had a hat or something to salute Derek Jeter for doing everything he has done for the team and mostly the fans. Even though Derek Jeter is no longer with the Yankees anymore, that doesnt mean that the Yankees are doing bad as most New York Mets fan feel that this is happening. I would also like to thank Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi for doing whatever is possible and necessary for scouting young and great players and always having the desire to win each year. I am so happy that Yankees have players like Miguel Andujar, Tyler Wade, Jacoby Ellsbury, Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Brett Gardner, Ronald Torreyes, Did Gregorious,  I am really optimistic and excited for the future of this team and really believe they have a chance of going to the World Series this year. I have forgot to mention that Yankees overall has won 18 division titles, and 27 world series championships.


Why dont I know what I want to do with my life

I  really cant seem to understand why I still don’t know what job I want to have when I am done with college and graduate school, my parents and brothers already knew from the start of what their passion and what is it that will really make them happy for the rest of their lives, but it isnt that easy for me, when I was in high school, I really loved taking law classes, and thought that was the way my life is going to be heading towards, but then in college, in my first year, I really thought my major will be in business, but then I took Microsoft Excel, and I never really understood what the professor was teaching, and economics class was really just not for me, and I never really liked math, it never occurred to me to major in Mathematics.  And then towards my sop hmore year, I took many sociology classes, and still am taking, and still cant understand how will majoring in Sociology help me in my future job. I researched what jobs are there within this major and still am doing research, hopefully something will pop out that will make me excited. I also started classes in Communication Technology, and still will continue to take it and determine which major I really love better. I hope I get to know soon before I am a senior and end up graduating from York College.


Disastrous health care bill

Today in 2017, the only issues our current president only cares about is healthcare and travel ban, healthcare is a right for all Americans rather than the way Republicans call it a privilege. With the current healthcare plan being passed, millions of Americans, a few days ago, the Congressional Budget Office released  an announcement that twenty two fewer  million Americans would be insured by 2026, under the current GOP’s proposed healthcare plan.  “So for instance, if people want to purchase plans under this plan, for mental health coverage, addiction treatment, maternity care and prescriptions could go way up”. I agree with what Bernie Sanders said on a rally in Pittsburgh about health care. “Put yourself in someone else’s shoes, what does it mean today if you are struggling for your life, dealing with cancer, dealing with some chronic illness threatening your existence, what does it mean when you read in the newspaper that Republicans might take away your insurance.” “I say this not to be overly dramatic, Sanders said. “if you take health care from 23 million people, what might happen? People will die by the thousands!” According to https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/jun/25/trump-heart- republicans-senate-healthcare-bill-medicaid          Donald Trump who is the president of the United States, said he wanted a healthcare bill with “heart” as Republicans try to deliver senate health bill, I dont think any party cares of what will happen as of a result if this bill does get passed leading millions of Americans out of coverage and sadly as a result dying without no health insurance to cover for them.


Happy Fathers Day to my awesome dad

Ever since I was a little child, I always liked and always respected my parents as well as my brothers. I am so happy and feel to be very lucky to have the best parents in the whole world, I and my brothers turned out to be very well raised and will continue to make our parents happy and as well as live up to our parent’s expectations. There are only  a few people who aren’t as lucky as we are I believe to have faced many obstacles and hurdles and still we love and support each other. I am still trying to make my way into working even harder so I go to graduate school and end up in a job that I will truly be passionate and happy in as a result. So this day which is marked “Happy Fathers Day” shouldnt be for one day, we should celebrate our mom and dad everyday, because who would we really be if it wasnt for them.  Thanks dad for always being there for us, for always being awesome and a fun loving dad. You  always did everything for us, and I promise that I will work and pay more attention in class, and I promise you wont have to work anymore, because I and my brothers will soon have jobs, if I ever done anything or ever let you down, I just want to apologize for that. I hope and really pray that an awesome dad like you lives longer. I know that you always worry about me, and I promise you that I will put my best foot forward and will study and work hard everyday to get good grades in all of my classes.



I am really looking forward for the NBA Finals again

So far, I have been almost all of the matchups, and I still feel that San Antonio Spurs will make a huge comeback and still beat Golden State Warriors, and I really don’t think it will go all the way to Game 7, and if San Antonio Spurs moves on, the finals will really be a better match up with Cleveland Cavaliers playing against San Antonio Spurs. I really hate watching Golden State Warriors come back and play every year in the playoffs, and that is only my opinion, I am really hoping that Kawhi Leonard does come back because without him the Spurs are really nothing, and they’re worse off without him.  It is pretty much similar to the New York Knicks who had Carmelo Anthony, and this team only played well only because Carmelo Anthony was playing. And when he is off the court, the team really goes to another direction like San Antonio Spurs.

My tribute to Professor Seslow

Thank you so much professor Seslow for making this class so fun and interesting. I really enjoyed coming to class every Tuesday and writing a meaningful blog post every Tuesday. I really got to learn many things that I didn’t know before, and I appreciate Professor Seslow, always going on his way in helping us in anything we may need or whatever questions we may have regarding the assignment we were doing for that day. Ever since the first day of class, I was so excited in knowing what we were going to learn and work on during the semester. I am really looking forward to taking more CT classes, so I can learn more things all these things that we learn will be very useful in our future job. I really like whenever its Tuesday, because that is when I have CT class, and by the end of the semester, I want to try to take in a lot of things that I have learned, so I can be ready for any situation. I’m happy as well as sad and will really miss this class, every time I had this class, it was always like a learning experience and I got better every time. Ever since the first day of class, I was so excited in knowing what we were going to learn and work on during the semester. I am really looking forward to taking more CT classes, so I can learn more things all these things that we learn will be very useful in our future job. I really like whenever it’s Tuesday, because that is when I have CT class, and by the end of the semester, I want to try to take in a lot of things that I have learned, so I can be ready for any situation. I’m happy as well as sad and will really miss this class, every time I had this class, it was always like a learning experience and I got better every time. As far as my website is concerned, I am really happy in all the work that I put in my website, I will still try to fit in more posts before we actually do presentations on it.

My love for music

Ever since I was little, I always enjoyed listening to music whenever and wherever I go. My favorite singers are Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd, Usher, Maroon 5, Drake, Zayn Malik, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato,  Sia, Harry Styles, and Neyo. I almost to all kinds of music including American pop music, Bangla, and even Bollywood songs. I like listening to both combinations and it really makes me focused as well as stay calm.