Disastrous health care bill

Today in 2017, the only issues our current president only cares about is healthcare and travel ban, healthcare is a right for all Americans rather than the way Republicans call it a privilege. With the current healthcare plan being passed, millions of Americans, a few days ago, the Congressional Budget Office released  an announcement that twenty two fewer  million Americans would be insured by 2026, under the current GOP’s proposed healthcare plan.  “So for instance, if people want to purchase plans under this plan, for mental health coverage, addiction treatment, maternity care and prescriptions could go way up”. I agree with what Bernie Sanders said on a rally in Pittsburgh about health care. “Put yourself in someone else’s shoes, what does it mean today if you are struggling for your life, dealing with cancer, dealing with some chronic illness threatening your existence, what does it mean when you read in the newspaper that Republicans might take away your insurance.” “I say this not to be overly dramatic, Sanders said. “if you take health care from 23 million people, what might happen? People will die by the thousands!” According to https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/jun/25/trump-heart- republicans-senate-healthcare-bill-medicaid          Donald Trump who is the president of the United States, said he wanted a healthcare bill with “heart” as Republicans try to deliver senate health bill, I dont think any party cares of what will happen as of a result if this bill does get passed leading millions of Americans out of coverage and sadly as a result dying without no health insurance to cover for them.


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