The future of American people

We really need a leader (president, governor, mayor) who really represents our values, hopes, dreams, for America, not a leader like we have now who is full of hatred to many groups, and undermine things are very important to us like health care, the Republicans as of right now are having a secret meeting that is discussing health care with no knowledge or even know what is actually in the plan itself before voting and discussing it amongst other members of Congress. 

This is completely unacceptable,” Sanders told CBS “Face the Nation” host John Dickerson. “Nobody can defend a process, which will impact tens of millions of Americans, and nobody even knows what’s in the [legislation]…The reason they don’t want to bring it public is that it’s a disastrous bill, I suspect similar to what passed in the House.” “It was the worst piece of legislation, frankly, against working class people that I can remember in my political life in the Congress. Throwing 23 million people off of health insurance is beyond belief,” said Sanders.

Even many Republicans are being kept in the dark said Sanders, noting that this tactic underscores issues with the bill that Republicans would have difficulty defending, such as cutting Medicaid in favor of giving tax breaks to the wealthiest  Americans.

“So they want to keep it secret, they don’t want the media involved, they don’t want members of Congress involved,” Sanders told Dickerson. “And at the last minute they present it, they push it through and that is one-sixth of the American economy and millions of people thrown off of health insurance. That is unacceptable.”

The closed-door process has Republicans concerned as well.

“I’ve said from Day 1, and I’ll say it again,” Senator Bob Corker, Republican of Tennessee, told the New York Times. “The process is better if you do it in public, and that people get buy-in along the way and understand what’s going on. Obviously, that’s not the route that is being taken.”

McConnell defended his approach, telling the New York Times there have been “gazillions of hearings on this subject” over the years.

For Sanders, the only solution is full transparency, and on Sunday he called on Democrats to “do everything they can to oppose” the Senate bill







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