The future of New York Knicks

Yesterday as everyone heard, Phil Jackson who was the GM of New York Knicks got fired by James Dolan who is the owner of the team. This is really the first step in making the team even better and stronger as when Phil Jackson was there. Yesterday I think I heard my brothers telling me that Phil Jackson was sleeping during  a top prospect who went to another team earlier in the draft before the NY Knicks had a chance to pick at 8th pick.  Before the draft even took place, there were rumors that Kristaps Porzingis who is a very good player for the NY Knicks was going to get traded because he missed the exit meeting. This is good news for me about Phil Jackson being fired, because I am really trying to find a backup team to follow if the Cavaliers and Lebron James dont do well next year. I still do believe that Lebron James is a GOAT, than as of Kevin Durant, he is an awesome, hardworking, and someone who is good with leadership when it comes time for playing the game. As far as Carmelo Anthony is concerned, I really hope the Cavaliers figure something out in order to get him, and another big piece in order to beat the Warriors next year.

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