Happy Fathers Day to my awesome dad

Ever since I was a little child, I always liked and always respected my parents as well as my brothers. I am so happy and feel to be very lucky to have the best parents in the whole world, I and my brothers turned out to be very well raised and will continue to make our parents happy and as well as live up to our parent’s expectations. There are only  a few people who aren’t as lucky as we are I believe to have faced many obstacles and hurdles and still we love and support each other. I am still trying to make my way into working even harder so I go to graduate school and end up in a job that I will truly be passionate and happy in as a result. So this day which is marked “Happy Fathers Day” shouldnt be for one day, we should celebrate our mom and dad everyday, because who would we really be if it wasnt for them.  Thanks dad for always being there for us, for always being awesome and a fun loving dad. You  always did everything for us, and I promise that I will work and pay more attention in class, and I promise you wont have to work anymore, because I and my brothers will soon have jobs, if I ever done anything or ever let you down, I just want to apologize for that. I hope and really pray that an awesome dad like you lives longer. I know that you always worry about me, and I promise you that I will put my best foot forward and will study and work hard everyday to get good grades in all of my classes.



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