I am so happy that I turned 21 years old

There are so many things that I am looking forward to do now that I am 21 years old is learning to drive and getting my own driver’s license. Having a car is so important and useful because you really can go to anywhere you please, getting my own state id, opening a new bank account, in about 2 years, I will successfully graduate from York Colllege, and transition and go to graduate school, I hope when I get older, and when I have enough money, I hope to pay my father’s bills, buy a car for my dad, and even a buy a new house or apartment for my family. I really wanna travel to a lot of places with my family, I really wanna also learn how to cook from my dad, and hope to do things that I have not done before. Once I finish graduate school, and go into my job, I will take care of my father with my brothers, then get married.


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