“Ignorance and prejudice are the handmaidens of propaganda. Our mission, therefore, is to confront ignorance with knowledge, bigotry with tolerance, and isolation with the outstretched hand of generosity. Racism can, will, and must be defeated.”

While watching this movie, I felt that I can relate somehow to Malik Williams in the sense that I being born as a   Muslim American is very tough especially living in the United States where so many people believe in everything that the media portrays and some people are so foolish enough to believe anything that people tell them.  The groups upon my knowledge, I believe are whites, blacks, and Anti- Semitism groups that have evil thoughts in their minds, and these are the people that will lead people to the wrong side of the direction. The terms diversity, race, culture, racism, ageism, sexism, anti- Semitism, and heterosexism. So if I had to define the terms in my own words, here is how I will go about defining them.  Diversity has to do with how people with different race and religion get along in any public setting with no bias whatsoever.  Race is where a group of people shares common characteristics as another person like facial structure or similar skin color.  The term culture deals with the values, norms, the way in which that mixed variety of people interact with each other in a social environment, and having own moral and religious beliefs.  Racism has to do with the attribution of superiority, or inferiority on a place where they are very different in every aspect of life.  Sexism deals with where people judge genders typically woman where one gender is better than the other.  Ageism is the basis that deals with discrimination against a particular age group.  And Anti- Semitism deals with discrimination or prejudice of hostility towards Jews. The  “isms” that I saw in the movie is the terms of anti Semitism, racism, and sexism.  Fudge and Remy are part of this anti- Semitism group where Remy would constantly tell Malik that he cant do anything because the whites are still in power of the black race, and there was this one time where he would tell Remy to go down in the floor as well as this other guy who lived next door, and these groups are not even educated.  The stereotypes that were displayed dealt with prejudice and racism against black minorities.  And   Malik got it all wrong when he confronts Phillips about a paper where he calls his professor a sellout for the  “white establishment” and Phillips would respond angrily “ that the world owes Malik anything, and he must work hard for his own good in order to make a difference in the world.” If I were to describe the main character, I would say one was a girl who was white named Kristen, and she was short, while the other character was named Malik who was black and short, and he is involved in running at track next to his school. And throughout the movie, the interactions between the two roommates were very well, and they both generally got along without any conflicts, while Fudge’s roommate gets upset and angry for music being played so loud and late, since the room next door wouldn’t turn down their music, Fudge’s roommate who was studying for an exam decides to go somewhere to study.  The aspects of college life that were shown in this film were both had to do with academics and social life, which is very similar to my college life.   




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