My view on 2017


When living in America for 20 years already, I never really thought we would have to live in a world where Donald Trump, becomes president of the United States, the only people who like him and cheer him on all of his rallies are no one other than ” Donald Trump supporters, and another thing that has never happened before are two things, where a president would ban Muslim immigrants who are either born here or born somewhere else, just so he can make America safe, and another thing is with healthcare, where millions of Americans will lose coverage to healthcare, and the only people who will benefit from this will be rich and upper class people. I really agree with this quote by Bernie Sanders, “We are the only major country on earth that doesn’t guarantee health care to all people as a right and yet we end up spending much more than they do, so I do believe that we have to move towards a  Medicare for all, single-payer system.  I am really worried for America and for its future moving forward,  how long are we going to keep being silent, why is it that we never take actions as liberals and as being a  Democrat. This year reminds me how they both seem to have similar views and both of them  they’re both full of hatred and fear inside of them





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