My view on CT 101 class

As we are almost approaching the end of the semester, I really enjoyed coming to class everday and learning something new everyday. I really enjoyed this class, and really cant wait to take more classes next semester. The things that we worked on, that was my weakness was working with animated graffiti, conversations about copyright, net art, and thanks to Professor Seslow’s help, I know get a better grasp and know how to do it, and it will be very useful in my future job. I really enjoyed coming to class every Tuesday and writing a meaningful blog post every Tuesday. I really got to learn many things that I didnt know before, and I appreciate Professor Seslow, always going on his way in helping us in anything we may need or whatever questions we may have regarding the assignment we were doing for that day.  


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  1. I graduate this semester, and i can safely say that Prof, Ryan is the best prof here at York. He has a very spiritual personality and i think what i have learned from him is being relaxed , calm and happy.
    Animated Grafitti is not easy i also faced difficulty while working on this assignment. Honestly speaking i don’t find it to be interesting.

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