Racial Injustice in America

When living in America for almost 20 years, I feel that racism and discrimination will keep taking place and shockingly will never be resolved between black people. Even though before when Civil War have taken place between blacks as slaves and whites who basically owned them and would make slave’s lives miserable and even though this eventually got resolved, there are still conflicts going on between Muslims and black people. Especially in 2016, with the election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the media and tv news networks care more about Trump, ISIS, than black people getting shot everyday by police. Why do we have to witness or hear news of people like Eric Gardner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Freddy Gray, Alton Sterling, Philando Castle getting killed or shot by police for no reason at all, and Sandra Bland who was found hanged in a jail cell in Texas just because of a traffic stop. My brother is right when he said there should be no black guy getting shot unless he killed someone or was pointing a gun straightly at the police officer. I just feel mad and disgusted whenever I hear news like this happen everyday and the bad part is that nothing is going to happen to stop this from happening. And every time there was shooting taking place that ended up getting blacks getting killed, Barack Obama always said something even after the recent shooting in Minnesota and Louisiana. Why is that white people can have a gun on them and say that it is their constitutional right and when black people have gun, they get shot as a result, and there are so many white people have and are allowed to have as many guns as they want and not get the same mistreatment as blacks. Nothing is going to happen unless the same thing happened to them or if they lost someone someone dear to them like black families.The only way that something is going to be done is if everyone all come together and if they are really angry with whatever is going on, they themselves can write an email or letter to their local congressman. And to follow up with the Dallas shooting is not worse than police officers killing black people everyday, and to elaborate more further the police has only a few things that they can do which is to protect people who are in danger and try to keep the community safe by arresting bad people from the streets, and it is definitely not killing black people who didn’t commit any major crime and as a result the families have to suffer and the family loses their husband or father from this horrific act. And Zaevion Dobson who got shot just for shielding girls from bullets and heart goes out to the family and there really has to be some major changes in criminal justice system and blacks have to be treated like they are not a threat to society. What is so funny that ever since Barack Obama was the president of the United States, that led to so many people being killed mostly African Americans by any type of police officer, and what is sad that this is happening everyday but everyone else cares about the useless things and it really doesn’t make a difference if there are so many shootings or killings that take place everyday, and instead we care about who is going to be the next president of the United States.


2017- How America Has Changed Ever Since Barack Obama’s Presidency

During the year of 2017, It never really occurred to me before that Donald Trump who has no education background is going to be the president of the United States. The day of Donald Trump’s inauguration turned into a message where now everyone can run for the president of the United States. Being born here as an American Muslim was really a great experience for the most parts, there has been a worser day for all Muslims around this world than now ever since Donald Trump made an executive order to ban Muslim refugees from 7 countries, and they as well as Muslims who hold a visa or a green card when going back to their country to visit cannot be permitted to come here. I really admire and do appreciate to everyone who protested and to all the democratic senators, NY mayor and governor in taking their time to speak against this hatred. There are other people who will be affected like women, us workers, black and latino people, it will also affect people who are under medicare with Obamacare, when Trump says he will repeal and replace Obamacare, many people who have preexisting conditions as a result are not going to live much longer, all the Republicans and people in Trump’s cabinet, many of them say they do have a replacement, but in reality they really don’t, and under this plan as Nancy Pelosi nicely said, it will only make ” “America sick again”.

Why do we love watching sports games in America

Every since living in America for 20 years already, watching and especially playing games particularly sports  is pretty much a custom that we all lived with or learned and practiced from our culture as well as customs and traditions. The most common sports everyone watches  in America is believe it or not is hockey, tennis, golf, cricket, car racing, soccer, boxing, wrestling,  badminton, bowling, volleyball, softball, swimming, horse racing, baseball, basketball, and football. I really love watching football, basketball, baseball, and cricket because watching these sports really became a part of who I am as a person. I am really happy to have the values my family expected me to have, for many people, there maybe other reasons why they love sports and watching them, but for me, there are so many things I really love and enjoy doing with my family, and watching sports games is one one of them.


I am so excited for Spring Break and my father’s birthday

I am so happy and excited that my father’s birthday is almost near, and I just wish he lives a long life, as well as my brothers. There is no one in my opinion that is like my dad, he is phenomenal, an awesome and fabulous dad. He has always taken care of me and my brothers ever since we were little, he always loved us, and I am so happy to see my dad everyday, there’s not many parents like mine, who constantly love and really would do anything for their three children. Ever since we lost our mom, my dad has done everything for us so we can be happy, and I really wanna give back by doing very well in finishing college in a positive and successful tone. Everyday I always try to see how can I be also the son that my parents are proud of, so I will keep working hard everyday to make that come true. I really wish there will be  a way where we celebrated our parents everyday  and everything they do for us. Spring Break is right around the corner, and I really am excited because I will be spending it with my family. I love doing everything with my family that anyone else would do the same or in a different way.

My reaction to healthcare failing to be repealed and replaced by Republicans

I am so happy after hearing on CNN, MSNBC, that GOP healthcare plan collapses, and Ryan & Trump pulled the  bill. Today should be awesome day for everyone and that means that 20 million Americans will not have to worry about losing their healthcare plan as well as people have or suffering from a terminal condition, because if this plan wad voted upon, many patients would mainly suffer and die of as a result. I  am happy that everyone is going to keep their healthcare plan, and I am also happy for my brother, it is a good and a bad way that people cant agree whether this plan should be passed or not.


My view on 2017


When living in America for 20 years already, I never really thought we would have to live in a world where Donald Trump, becomes president of the United States, the only people who like him and cheer him on all of his rallies are no one other than ” Donald Trump supporters, and another thing that has never happened before are two things, where a president would ban Muslim immigrants who are either born here or born somewhere else, just so he can make America safe, and another thing is with healthcare, where millions of Americans will lose coverage to healthcare, and the only people who will benefit from this will be rich and upper class people. I really agree with this quote by Bernie Sanders, “We are the only major country on earth that doesn’t guarantee health care to all people as a right and yet we end up spending much more than they do, so I do believe that we have to move towards a  Medicare for all, single-payer system.  I am really worried for America and for its future moving forward,  how long are we going to keep being silent, why is it that we never take actions as liberals and as being a  Democrat. This year reminds me how they both seem to have similar views and both of them  they’re both full of hatred and fear inside of them





My favorite sports teams in NYC

Ever since I was little, I really loved watching anything with my family like news, and sports, so in my family, we watch a lot of baseball, basketball, and even football, sometimes tennis and cricket. So even though my family are a  NY Mets fan, I at the other supported and rooted for the NY Yankees all the way, ever since Derek Jeter, Alex  Rodriguez, Mariano Rivera, Andy  Petite, Jorge Pasado, were all retired, as well as being apart of the best baseball team in NY. Another sport where we are so different is that my family are a  NY Knicks fan, and I am a  Cleveland Cavaliers fan, the only sport where we all agree on and where we support the same team is football, even though my family are NY Jets fan, they still do support the NY GIANTS   

My reaction to last Tuesday’s clas

I am so happy that finally with Professor’s Seslow’s Help, I was able to make my own website, picking my own and unique domain, and getting a Web hosting Account. I have always tried to create my own website even before this class, and it really didnt go so well to my expectations and now I am so happy that I accomplished and got to learn to do many things that I haven’t done before and I will finally have something to show when the job that will be hiring me will look at everything.