International Women’s Day

I really couldnt believe it and was so excited that yesterday was dedicated to celebrate many women in America, women had to go through a lot in order to get accepted in society, and now many women can do anything they want in life, they could join the military, have executive jobs just like men. I am not the type of person to judge anyone based on gender, color, race, background, and in any other way, I feel that I am a great citizen of the United States and no one should be left out or discriminated  or judged by what they stand for.     



About Me

Hi, my name is Sadat Rahman and I am currently a sophomore who is in my second semester, in the first day of this class i was so nervous and really didn’t know what to expect from this class, and now it is already almost halfway through the semester, i am very happy to say that I am really enjoying this class quite a lot and hope to apply everything I learned in my future job.