I am really looking forward for the NBA Finals again

So far, I have been almost all of the matchups, and I still feel that San Antonio Spurs will make a huge comeback and still beat Golden State Warriors, and I really don’t think it will go all the way to Game 7, and if San Antonio Spurs moves on, the finals will really be a better match up with Cleveland Cavaliers playing against San Antonio Spurs. I really hate watching Golden State Warriors come back and play every year in the playoffs, and that is only my opinion, I am really hoping that Kawhi Leonard does come back because without him the Spurs are really nothing, and they’re worse off without him.  It is pretty much similar to the New York Knicks who had Carmelo Anthony, and this team only played well only because Carmelo Anthony was playing. And when he is off the court, the team really goes to another direction like San Antonio Spurs.

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