Remarks on Charlottesville and Barcelona attack!

In August 12th a rally was scheduled called the “Unite the Right rally to protest against the removal of Confederate icon General Robert E. Lee, and the day before there was marchers that were carrying torches, and yelling “white lives matter, and “blood and soil, and again there was protesters mixing in with the counter- demonstrators. There were a lot of people who were involved with white supremacy and Neo-Nazi that were also involved in the Saturday event. And then a car came speeding into anti protestors killing a 32 year old women and injuring many others, as well as two state troopers were also killed the same day and President Donald Trump weighed in saying that there blame on both sides including anti-fascist protestors. And during the Barcelona attack, he condemned and replied about his remarks about the tragedy the same day and he took some time during the Charlottesville attack because he said he needed to get the facts straight. I am just frustrated and angry when I heard the President’s remarks by not calling these hate groups by name and he really should have given a better and clearer statement on the Charlottesville attack. I have no doubt that his term of presidency will remain short and no other president that we had in our lifetime would do what he did during a tragedy like Charlottesville, he really hasn’t done anything, for the American people, no legislation has ever gotten passed, he tried to ban Muslim Americans from coming to America which turned out to be unsuccessful and he wanted to replace Obamacare which also turned out to be a disaster.   


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